January 24, 2013

Speech Bubbles

I'm thrilled to be a part of the exhibition 'Everyone Talks to Everyone', curated by the multi-talented Ane Tonga at The Dowse Art Museum in Wellington NZ.
It opens from Feb 16th - June 9th. Ane is also giving a free Talk & Tour about the show on Sunday 17th, 3pm.

Link: Everyone Talks to Everyone

"Ten artists, 12 artworks, a blend of decorative and contemporary works, a fusion of cultures and perspectives – Everyone is talking to everyone at The Dowse in February with the debut exhibition by 2012 Blumhardt Curatorial Intern, Ane Tonga. In the upstairs Blumhardt Gallery, Tonga mixes it up, juxtaposing new technologies with contemporary objects to show that 'handcrafted' can apply to both digital and traditional artworks. Everyone Talks To Everyone features the work of both emerging and established artists, many with roots in Asia and Polynesia. The exhibition places contrasting artworks alongside one another, asking how, in the digital age, they relate to each other. So often loaded with memory and stories, how do we interpret these objects?" - Text from the media release.