January 24, 2013


Excited to be exhibiting for the first time in the States...coming up next month, I have some work in 'Fabricated' at Target Gallery, Alexandria USA. Feb 2 - March 3.

"Target Gallery presents Fabricated, an all-media exhibition featuring wearable art – individually designed pieces of handmade clothing and jewelry that are each unique artistic creations. Juried by Rachel Timmins, the exhibition has work by nineteen artists from six countries, showcasing what wearable art artists are creating all over the world today."
"Some of the pieces may not obviously fall in to just one category of Fashion or Art. Such is the case with New Zealand-based artist Selina Woulfe, who’s piece at first may be viewed as a delicate brooch, but with a closer examination reveals this small, wearable sculpture is asking the viewer to consider social, cultural, and religious rituals surrounding the body." - text from the Target Gallery press release.

Click the link below for more info. The exhibition will also be online from Feb 2nd.


-Only wish I could be there to meet the other artists. The above image of Mallory Weston's work is fantastic!